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Introducing the ultimate all-in-one sound systems built for off-roading!

Engineered to last, our 8” ATV-Tube Speaker System & LED Illumination System brings 450 watts of max power amplified sound to your ATV with all-weather, marine-grade speakers, front firing tweeters, an integrated RGB LED illumination system and full Bluetooth functionality. This also includes hands-free calls. It also has an open grill design for minimizing mud buildup and easy cleaning.


With no cigarette lighter plugs, tethered remotes to break or a fused connection to your battery, our system is the perfect all-in-one audio solution for off-roading



  • Ultimate, all-in-one, off-road sound system with wireless remote
  • All-weather, true marine-grade coaxial speakers with front firing tweeters
  • 450-watt peak power integrated amplifier with easy pair Bluetooth and auto reconnect
  • Integrated RBG LED illumination system with multiple colors, flash patterns and speeds, all at the tip of your fingertips

Bazooka 8” ATV-Tube Speaker System & LED Illumination System

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