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Bran Name: Buso Audio

Model Number: Side Cart 



Tower of power

Mobile rack cart with minimalist design and extensive features

Hide it

The 15U Sidecar will fit under most workstations to help keeping all that gear out of sight. The locking wheels will help to keep your gear safe.

Display it

The 15U Sidecar was designed to be displayed. It is the ultimate tower of power!


15 Space Units 

Both are great to look at but the 15U Sidecar can easily fit under most workstations. The 15U version is great to display!
Locking wheels

The Sidecar comes with locking wheels to secure it in place.

Sturdy construction

Made from incredibly strong Finnish birch plywood.

Easy assembly

Machined to perfection, our workstations are easy to assemble and easy to take apart.

Buso Audio SIDE CART 15U Handcrafted Studio Mobile Rack Cart

SKU: White15U
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