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The classic Vicoustic's flagship Wavewood

continues its remarkable career in this Ultra Lite edition. Made with Standard MDF, High-Pressure Laminate and plywood, a highly durable material, the Wavewood Ultra Lite panel is available in 6 different colors. Alongside this, the Wavewood uses acoustic foam polyurethane for absorption. Wavewood Ultra Lite is the budget line solution for updating the iconic absorber.



  • Construction with standard MDF and anti-scratch HPL
  • Acoustic polyurethane foam
  • Reinforced packing


  • Functionality: Absorption

  • Absorption Frequency Range: Medium Frequencies

  • NRC: 0.75

Packaging Information

  • Units/Box: 8

  • Box Dimensions (L×H×W): 665 x 675 x 355mm / 26.2'' x 26.6'' x 14.3''

  • Box Gross Weight: 15.4kg


  • Installation: Glue (not included)

  • Place: Walls, Ceiling

Vicoustic Wavewood Ultra Locarno Cherry 8-Pack

SKU: B05765
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