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Meet Kryo.Morph™, our super-bright and feature packed beam/wash/spot moving head light. Built to impress with its incredible shape-shifting beam effects, this fixture cuts through the fog with ease. It can project a static or rotating glass gobo to produce precision in-air and surface images with an even focal plane. With a narrow 5°-20° (spot application), or 2.5°-10° (beam application), the output is crystal clear and brilliant. Add in either rotating 6-way linear or 8-way circular prisms to create wide reaching effects across any stage.



Features include 540/270° pan and tilt movement, 9 rotating gobos, 14 static gobos + open, 13 colors + white, 6/8-facet rotating prism, motorized zoom and focus, frost filter, 4-button + touch screen LCD control panel, powerCON® compatible power input, and dual ¼ turn omega mounting brackets..



• Beam/Wash/Spot 3-in-1 Moving Head

• HRI 280W Lamp, 2000 hrs (Standard mode), 3000 hrs (Eco mode)

• Smooth dimmer from 0 - 100 %

• Control channels: 16/24-channel

• Color wheel:

13 dichroic filters + white

• Rotating Gobo wheel:

9 rotating, indexable and replaceable slot-n-lock glass gobos + open

• Static Gobo wheel:

10 metal gobos & 4 beam reducers

• Prism 1: 8-facet circular prism rotating in both directions at different speeds • Prism 2: 6-facet linear prism rotating in both directions at different speeds

• Frost effect: Separate, variable

• Strobe effect with variable speed (max.15 flashes/sec.)

• Dimmer/Shutter:

Full range dimming and variable strobe effect

• 3 user editable programs, each up to 100 steps

• Motorized zoom and focus

• LCD touch screen control menu

• Pan: 540°/Tilt: 270°

Blizzard Kryo.Morph™ 280W B/S/W, 19 Gobos, 13+ Colors

SKU: 123573

Luminous Intensity


• Beam Mode, Narrow: 132,811 Lux @ 5M

• Beam Mode, Wide: 46,094 Lux @ 5M

• Spot Mode, Narrow: 76955 Lux @ 5M

• Spot Mode, Wide: 6,588 Lux @ 5M

• Wash Mode, Narrow: 12,420 Lux @ 5M

• Wash Mode, Wide: 3,707 Lux @ 5M

• Beam Angle:  1.5°- 35° zoomable beam angle

Optical Light source

• High luminous-efficiency glass reflector

• Beam range: 5°-20° (spot application)

2.5°-10° (beam application)

Control Protocol

• Protocol: USITT DMX-512

• DMX Channels: 16/24-Channels

• LCD touch screen menu

• 3 user editable programs, each up to 100 steps

• Operating modes: standalone, master/slave, auto, sound active

Movement Range:

• Pan: 540 degree

• Tilt: 270 degree 

PowerOperating voltage 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption 365W, 3.12A, PF: .98, VA 396

Color Wheel

• 13 dichroic filters + white Static Gobo Wheel

• 10 metal gobos & 4 beam reducers Rotating Gobo Wheel

• 9 glass gobos can be indexed and rotated in both directions at different speeds

• Continuous gobo wheel rotation

• Slot-n-lock system for easy gobo replacement Prisms

• Rotating 6-facet linear prism with continuous bidirectional rotation • Rotating 8-facet circular prism with continuous bidirectional rotation Zoom

• Linear motorized zoom


Width 15.3 inches (388 mm)

Depth 10.6 inches (269 mm)

Height 23.4 inches (594 mm)


33.1 lbs (15 kg)


2-year limited warranty, does not cover malfunction caused by damage to LEDs

The power connector fitted to the fixture and fixture cord are designed for compatibility with products manufactured by Neutrik AG, Neutrik USA and their related entities, however they are not manufactured by, affiliated with or endorsed by Neutrik AG, Neutrik USA, or any related entity. Neutrik® and powerCON® are registered trademarks of Neutrik AG.

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