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Brand Name: BOYA

Model Number: 35C-XLR & 35C-XLR PRO
Style: Microphone Adapter
Style: None
Use: 3-pin XLR Male Connector
Use: None
Package: Yes


Overview The BOYA 35C-XLR Adapter converts 3.5mm mini jack input to a male XLR output, it allows you to connect a microphone with a mini jack output to a professional mixer, camera, or other device with an XLR input. Highlights 3.5mm TRS to XLR Connector All Aluminum Construction Gold-Plated Connectors

Specifications:1: 1/8" (3.5 mm) TRS Female Connector Connector 2: XLR 3-Pin Male Connector Weight: 24g Dimensions: 20.5mm (φ) * 57mm (L)

Package Content:

1* BOYA 35C-XLR Microphone adapter Manufactory Original Package Kindly

Note: When use microphone with battery, bother 35C-XLR and 35C-XLR pro are all available. For microphone without battery, only 35C-XLR Pro is compatible.

BOYA 35c-Xlr 3.5mm (TRS) Mini-Jack Female Mic Adapter to 3-Pin XLR MaleConnector

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