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TeamUp+ provides the simplest and consistent user experience for every person in every space.


Allowing people to use the device, software and UX with which they are most comfortable and familiar – their own – meetings start faster and are more productive. Staff, students and guests have the same user experience from home, in the office, in a huddle space or in a conference room. Simply connect your device (or use one-touch join) to leverage the room audio, video and control devices.


TeamUp+ natively works with any video conferencing software already running on your laptop or tablet.

Whether you need to add BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) capabilities to dedicated rooms systems on which the organization has standardized, such as Microsoft Teams Rooms, Zoom Rooms or Google Meet rooms, or you want the most flexible and economical path to provide BYOM video conferencing, TeamUp+ is the universal solution. Use Arranger Optimization Software to remotely configure, monitor, manage and even analyze device/ room usage. Easily view system health, device status and software/firmware versions. Maximize uptime by pre-emptively resolving issues and scheduling firmware updates and security patches. Remotely control the room with Arranger Control or a thirdparty control system.



  • Switch AV & USB sources on both sides of HDBT circuit including dual screen support from the RX for BYOM applications
  • Dual AV plus USB host inputs on RX support Room PC’s located at display location
  • Use as a 2x1 stand alone or 4x2 collaboration switcher
  • Supports uncompressed HDMI 2.0 4K video over HDBaseT3.0 and USB 2.0 High speed with Isochronous support for max camera compatibility
  • Switch between HDMI & USB-C on TX or RX. USB-C supports full functionality including AV (ALT-DP), USB data, Ethernet, & device charging power
  • USB3.0 Hub and switching auto switches for BYOM environments
  • Auto switching, TCP/IP, or RS232 controllable
  • EDID & HDCP management options built into WebGUI
  • Built in display control with scheduling capability for powering on/off connected displays
  • TU-HUC42-KIT is a kit sku that includes TX part number TU-HUC42-TX and RX part number TU-HUC42-RX. These can be purchased individually as well

DigitalLinx TeamUp+Series Dual or Single Screen Switcher/Extender TU-HUC42-KIT

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