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The EVERSE 8 is a versatile, easy to use, compact, battery-powered loudspeaker system.

It provides professional level performance and is housed in a robust weatherized enclosure. The EVERSE 8 provides real professional performance for musical performances, voice reinforcement and audio playback. The EVERSE 8 takes advantage of decades of ElectroVoice and Dynacord pro-audio and electronics expertise, along with new advancements in technology, to provide truly portable and truly wireless audio. The EVERSE 8 utilizes a 2-way configuration with an 8- inch woofer. It includes a hi-output, titanium, ferro-fluid cooled tweeter, featuring a high-energy neodymium magnet for maximum output and reduced weight. The tweeter is mounted to an Electro-Voice patented SST constant directivity waveguide design, producing exceptionally high SPL with even 100° x 100° coverage and improved acoustic alignment and bass extension. The rugged polypropylene enclosure features a weatherized input cover for the input section, allowing the loudspeaker to meet IP43 rating (splash and light rain resistant) for use on battery power and Bluetooth® streaming. The available accessory slipcover allows for additional weather resistance and protection when needed, while ensuring wired connections during operations. The EVERSE 8 features Electro-Voice's QuickSmart DSP and is POWERED BY DYNACORD, featuring a built-in 4- channel digital mixer with FX (footswitch controlled), feedback suppression, and ducking features. The loudspeaker features a custom designed, and fully optimized for audio use, high capacity battery pack. The battery pack provides more than enough power to complete the show, including a 12 V DC accessory port to power RE3 or R300 wireless microphone systems. The EVERSE 8 is available in both white and black.



  • Long run-time rechargeable, removable and replaceable Li-ion battery pack with 6+ hours of constant music playback at maximum output levels, or over 12+ hours at 95 dB SPL average.
  • Real professional level output and Electro-Voice sound quality thanks to an 8-inch woofer with SST waveguide and a 1-inch titanium dome tweeter.
  • Easy to use with QuickSmart Mobile app and Electro-Voice's Intuitive User Interface. ▪ High Quality Stereo Bluetooth® streaming with true wireless stereo (TWS) linking between two EVERSE speakers.
  •  POWERED BY DYNACORD with built-in digital 4-channel mixer

Electro-Voice EVERSE 8 Weatherized Battery-Powered Loudspeaker White

SKU: F.01U.399.427
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