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Brand Name: EnSTer

Model Number: NST-Face2028-WT


7-Inch HD LCD Screen
on-contact single-point high-precision wrist temperature measurement module
Multi-point wrist temperature measurement
Voice alarm linkage for abnormal body temperature


EnSTer NST-Face2028WT HD LCD Multi-Point Non-Touch Human Temperature Measurement

SKU: NSTFace2028WT
$995.95 Precio
$796.76Precio de oferta
Support voice alarm linkage for abnormal body temperature
Support human body temperature superposition, picture superposition
Support mask detection, whether the inspector is carrying a mask
Support 50,000 face libraries
Support automatic face exposure, adapt to low light and strong backlight,
Support Wiegand protocol, can directly drive access control
Support H.265 / H.264 / MJPEG video compression algorithm, support multi-level video quality configuration, encoding complexity setting
Low power consumption, the motherboard power consumption is as low as 5 watts
Linux software architecture is stable and reliable, easy to expand
Support the secondary development of equipment-side application software
Support personalized voice broadcast and function customization
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