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Introducing the Quested V3310

Designed for use in near to midfield applications, the V3110 is Quested’s most powerful active monitor and, because of its 1000 watts of class AB and class D amplification, it is one of the most powerful in its class. The three-way design of the V3110 and the utilization of the soft-dome mid and high-frequency drivers along with the custom 10″ low frequency driver mean that the V3110 truly can deliver for the most demanding of material with a flat response down to 30Hz.

The successor to the VS3208, a favorite with the dance and remix fraternity the V3110 has been able to improve on the low-end performance whilst maintaining that precision recognized in the VS3208. Producing a very linear response along with the capability of high SPL the V3110 is also a favorite of the scoring community. Delivering a dynamic and very natural sound stage with a response all the way down to the lower register of a church organ the V3110 is the flagship product of the powered monitors from Quested.


Experience the Quested V Series

Chosen by both professionals and passionate producers of music, the V-Series sets a benchmark and encompasses the true standards of a studio monitor.

Quested’s no-compromise approach to the development and evolution of the V-Series means that their longest-running product, has built and maintained a lifetime of trust with some of the most respected artists and studios around the globe, yet it is still very much young at heart due to the evolved transducer and amplification designs. The V2108 continues to be one of our most popular monitors due to its size and frequency response along with its sonic accuracy.

The V3110 is Quested’s most powerful self-powered monitor and confidently delivers a true full-range response. Designed to replace the VS3208 the V3110 brings a new level of LF control whilst maintaining the accurate delivery of the mid and HF. With 1000W of on-board amplification, this three-way design is built for the most demanding near and midfield monitoring needs.

The newest and most compact monitor in V-Series is the V2104. Compact, powerful, and portable, the V2104 with its partnering sub is perfect if you have limited space or are always on the move and not prepared to compromise on your monitoring needs.



  • Quested's highest-rated self-powered monitoring system
  • 3-way design with low frequency response down to 30 Hz from linear travel, long throw 10" driver
  • 1000 Watt RMS from combination of Class A/B and Class D amplification
  • Quested low-fatigue soft-dome high-frequency and mid-range technology
  • Adjustable HF / Mid section to accommodate versatile horizontal or vertical positioning
  • Current-driven, floating drive stage Class A/B power for HF and Mid drivers
  • Dedicated 700 Watt RMS Class D amplifier for improved LF driver dynamics
  • 24 dB/octave crossover slopes for improved drive unit efficiency
  • Very high-power density for cabinet footprint and size

Quested V3110 3-Way 1000w 10 inch Rotary Mid-Field Monitor (each)

SKU: V3110
$5,649.00 Precio
$5,084.10Precio de oferta



Low Frequency: 1 x 10" (25.40 cm)
Mid Frequency: 1 x 3" (7.62 cm)
High Frequency: 1 x 1.125" (2.86 cm)

Maximum SPL

120 dB

Frequency Response

30 Hz to 20 kHz, +/- 2 dB

Power Voltage

Factory set.
Nominal 115 V or 230 V @ 50-60 Hz AC



XLR Female and 1/4" Jack combo


10 k ohm / Electronically balanced, RF filtered


Pin 1: Ground / Sleeve
Pin 2: Hot / Tip
Pin 3: Cold / Ring


Rear-mounted 10 position rotary switch
Calibrated in 2 dB steps


Low Frequency EQ

User, 4-position: -6 dB selector (for use with subwoofers) 0/+3/+4 dB

Mid Frequency EQ

User, 3-position selector: -1/0/+1 db

High Frequency EQ

User, 3-position selector: -1/0/+1 db

Power Amplifier

Low Frequency Output

700 watts RMS continuous

Mid Frequency Output

150 watts RMS continuous

High Frequency Output

150 watts RMS continuous


>0.03% at levels up to 1 dB below clipping
20 Hz to 20 kHz
Typical 0.005% at 20 watts/RMS @ 1 kHz

Hum & Noise

>-100 dB referred to clipping


Power On Mode

Front blue LED indicates Power On
Flashes during warm-up cycle


Front LED flashes red
Indicating B below signal clipping

Thermal Protection

Front LED turns red, signal is muted
Amplifier switches to Standby during thermal protection cooling cycle

Dimensions & Weight


14.96 x 23.62 x 14.17" (380 x 600 x 360 mm)


85.98 lb (39 kg)

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