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ProJax 40 Studio Monitor Isolation Kit

Put a set of RAB Audio’s ProJax 40 Studio Monitor Isolators in your studio, and you’ll experience sonic clarity like never before. Comprised of 24 configurable pieces, this modular isolation kit not only decouples your studio monitors, but it also positions them for optimal listening.


Eliminate structural resonance. Reduce coloration.

Create the perfect sonic sweet spot. ProJax 40 Studio Monitor Isolators make it easy.



  • Vibration-dampening compound decouples your studio monitors from any surface
  • Reduces unwanted sonic reflections and structural resonance
  • Increases sonic clarity and reduces coloration
  • Configurable modular design fine-tunes the angle of your monitors for optimal listening
  • Accommodates 2 studio monitors weighing up to 40 pounds

RAB Audio ProJax 40 Studio Monitor Isolation Kit

SKU: ProJax40
  • Floor/Desktop:Desktop
  • Application:Studio Monitors
  • Material:Plastic
  • Weight Limit:40 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number:PX40
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