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Brand Name: Tascam

Model Number: Model 16


TASCAM's Model 16 all-in-one mixer brings the flagship Model 24's powerful recording and mixing features and functionality to a new level of compactness and affordability, creating a full-featured small format mixer that combines the warmth of analog with a digital workflow. The Model 16 is the perfect mixing solution for small format live performance, recording and production environments, featuring a multi-track recorder, USB audio interface, effects, comprehensive mixing and routing capabilities, and Bluetooth wireless.

With the Model 16, your perfect mix has met its match.

14 Inputs for Complete Flexibility

14 easy-to-access top-panel inputs provide flexible options for microphones or instrument connections, including 10 Mic/14 Line/2 Inst to allow easy access for connecting microphones, instruments or other audio sources for live recording or mixing.
A Bluetooth 5.0 enabled Stereo Input Source Channel also provides stereo RCA and 1/8" Stereo (selectable) jacks for streaming audio device level control.

Pristine Audio Quality

Mic Inputs 1 through 8 deliver pristine audio quality, featuring TASCAM's Ultra-HDDA (High Definition Discrete Architecture) technology for pure, transparent natural tone with ultra-low noise.

Professional Channel Strip Control Features

A tactile Gain knob tops each channel for precise tweaking of input levels. A push-button Lo-Cut filter and three-position Input Selector (Live/PC/MTR) facilitate quick and precise control of input source signals. A 1-knob inline Compressor is available on inputs 1-8 as is a mid-range sweepable 3-band EQ.

Maximum Audio Routing Possibilities and Monitoring

3 Aux bus (MON1, MON2[pre/post], FX) and PFL Listen round out the Model 16's pro-level signal path routing options. A Sub bus provides an additional stereo lineout source to the master SEND section.

3 AUX Outs let you route the audio signal for stage monitoring, or to external gear such as outboard effects, signal processors or headphone mixes. And the Footswitch control jack provides additional monitoring and control features.

Powerful Internal 16-Track Multi-track Digital Recorder

The Model 16's MTR section features a powerful internal 16-Track Multi-track recorder, capturing 14 Inputs and 2 Main Mix simultaneous tracks of audio to an internal SD card in pristine 24-bit/48 kHz quality. Record anything from live performance to rehearsals, worship events, spoken word and meetings, as well as perform overdubs and punch-in/out quickly and easily.
Recorded tracks can be immediately mixed, mastered or exported to a computer for further editing, formatting and publishing.

High-Quality Internal Audio Interface

An internal 16 input/14 output USB audio interface captures audio at a 24-bit/48 kHz sampling rate for recording or playing back from an external DAW (digital audio workstation). The new generation TASCAM USB driver delivers the minimum size of the audio buffer which can be set to as low as 4 samples, resulting in extremely low latency and the highest level of efficiency when recording audio.

Versatile Input Capability

Using the channel Mode switch, each channel can select the input source as needed. This allows a super flexible input configuration to be selected where some inputs can be live, other inputs can play tracks from the internal MTR, while other inputs can play tracks from a computer via USB, all simultaneously.

16 Editable Multi-Effects

The Model 16's versatile Effects Section offers 16 editable and foot-controllable multi-effects, including reverb, delay, chorus and flange.

4-Band Master EQ

A 4-Band EQ with mid-range sweepable, wide/narrow Q can be dialed in for crafting the perfect mix, assignable to MAIN outs or MON1/2 outs as you like.

Tascam Model 16:Hybrid 14Channel Mixer Multitrack Recorder+USB Audio Interface

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SKU: 043774034079

All-in-One, Multitrack Recorder with 14 channel Mixer and USB Audio Interface

  • 14 total input channels
  • 10 microphone preamps with 48V phantom power
  • Two Hi-Z instrument inputs
  • 12 balanced line inputs (eight mono, two stereo)
  • Single stereo channel for Bluetooth, USB, RCA, or 3.5mm stereo input
  • Inserts on channels 1-2
  • Main and sub stereo buses
  • Three aux sends (monitor 1, monitor 2, and effects)
  • Single-knob compressor for channels 1-8
  • 4-band semi-parametric stereo EQ selectable for main or monitor outputs
  • Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • Onboard effects processor with 16 editable and foot-controllable effects presets including reverb, delay, chorus, and flanger
  • 60mm faders capable of fine adjustment
  • Independent input channel assign for live, internal MTR, or USB playback
  • Balanced XLR main outputs
  • Balanced 1/4" TRS sub outs, aux outputs, and control room outputs
  • 1/4" stereo headphone output with dedicated volume control


  • Multitrack recording function similar to the TASCAM Portastudio
  • 16 tracks (14 input channels plus the main mix) can be recorded to an SD card
  • Multichannel playback for advanced live performance backing or mixing
  • Punch in/out recording capability
  • Overdub up to eight tracks simultaneously

Audio Interface

  • USB 2.0 audio interface
  • 16 inputs (14 input channels plus the main mix)
  • 14 outputs
  • Up to 24-bit / 48 kHz recording quality
  • Low round-trip latency

Optional Accessories

  • RC-1F footswitch (available separately) allows hands-free control of effects switching
  • Model 16 rackmount kit (available separately) enables convenient mounting in a 19" equipment rack
  • Model 16 dust cover (available separately) protects the Model 16 from dirt, scratches, and moisture