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Universal G2 Wireless Dashboard Controller by Bazooka®.

Bazooka G2 Wireless Dashboard controllers gives you total control over your G2 Party Bar right from the dash of your SxS, golf cart, RV or boat, so you can focus on having fun! You can easily switch listening modes, adjust the volume, pause or play the music, fast forward and rewind, turn on LED lights and change their patterns, and you can even get instant dome lighting with the simple click of a button. All this at the tip of your fingertips!


SAS is recognized throughout the industry as a leader,

innovator, and manufacturer of the highest quality car audio products. However, the company was not that successful before the Bazooka® subwoofer speaker system, with its patented Bass Tubes enclosure design, was born. It was the product that meant that much to the company. Twice SAS has been recognized as one of America's 500 fastest growing companies, primarily because of sales of the Bazooka subwoofer speaker system.



  • Completely control your G2 Party Bar right from the dash

             of your SxS, golf cart, RV or boat

  • Easily power the Party Bar on or off by pressing and holding the power button
  • Turn LED lights on or off by simply click pressing the power button
  • The dome button allows you to turn the LEDs on and sets them all to white

Bazooka BPB-DBC-G2 Wireless G2 Dashboard Controller

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