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VicBooth Ultra
A versatile and modular soundproof pod, VicBooth Ultra is a sound insulation booth with improved acoustic performance for professional audio production environment, at an unbeatable price: The VicBooth Ultra range was developed by Vicoustic to become the next generation of professional production sound insulation booths. Versatile, modular, with excellent acoustic performance. It was designed for professional audio, music, vocals, recordings, translation, industry and gaming, applications that pair a great design with an unbeatable price for a pro audio booth. Soundproof and acoustical booth With sound insulation being one of its main features, VicBooth Ultra can achieve noise reduction levels of over 30 decibels* with only 1.1” thick walls, making it a lightweight solution among soundproof professional booths. The standard version comes with internal acoustic conditions to suit most needs, with sound absorbing walls and ceiling. On top of that, Vicoustic developed advanced options for more demanding professional audio applications, presenting variable acoustic kits: Vocal Booth, Practice Room, Control Room and Recording Room. Professional production environment in a modular solution Audio productions tend to take place in either big, open environments where privacy is hard to find or in small spaces where causing noise nuisances or outside noise filtering into the room can be problematic. If you are looking for a space to rehearse, record or mix music or vocals with sound insulation and acoustic quality, this booth brings it all together, in a room that can change size depending on your needs. VicBooth Ultra was designed to be a modular and easy to install solution, since the modular system of the cabin allows you to design your own booth and grow it into different sizes and update its features. Environment played a major role in the development VicBooth Ultra is composed of high-quality melamine combined with MDF and coated with VicPET Wool, a non-woven textile with great acoustic performance, predominantly made from recycled plastic bottles. The use of this innovative acoustic material makes it possible to recycle the equivalent of 1044 standard plastic bottles (500 ml) for each 1x1 booth produced. Video Co-Financed by: Norte2020, PORTUGAL 2020 e FEDER
Sessiondesk Gustav The Assembly-AV CARIBBEAN



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