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Kontrol 6 Skywire™

KONTROL 6™ Skywire is the perfect compact DMX controller to compliment LED lighting fixtures with 6-in-1 LEDs with its conveniently labeled red, green, blue, white, amber, and UV sliders!


Kontrol 6™ SkywireKontrol

up to 16 fixtures composed of 12 channels each and up to 18 programmable scenes. KONTROL 6™ Skywire’s eighteen chase banks are capable of containing up to 200 steps composed of saved scenes or manual inputs in any order. Programs can be triggered with ease by the beat of the music, automatically or manually. Plus, all chases can be executed at the same time!



Skywire’s surface, 6 universal channel sliders, quick access fixture + scene buttons, and an LED display indicator that makes for easier navigation of controls and menu functions.

Then, for the ultimate in ease of setup, the built-in Skywire™ wireless transmitter provides reliable wireless communication for over 1000 feet, line-of-sight! 512 auto-assigning frequencies in 7 groups (color-coded by an LED indicator) allow up to 7 systems to run simultaneously in the same space, completely free of interference. And rest assured, the frequencies of the KONTROL 6 Skywire™ match up perfectly with all Blizzard Lighting wireless DMX products. A Blizzard Lighting fixture with built-in Skywire™, a wiCICLE® receiver, or a Lightcaster™ wireless transceiver (all sold separately) are required to act as a DMX receiver for your lighting setup. Already have one? Then you’re good to go! Don’t have one yet? No worries, KONTROL 6™ Skywire features a good old fashioned hard-wired DMX output



• DMX512/1990 Standard

• Controls 16 fixtures of up to 12 channels, 192 channels total

• 18 preset scene/color banks, 9 per page

• Record up to 18 chases with up to 200 scenes per chase

• 6 sliders for direct control of channels

• Built-in microphone for music mode

• Auto mode program controlled by fade time sliders

• DMX out: 3-pin XLR

• LED information display

• Blackout function & instant strobe with

  variable speed fader USB Backup/Restore of Data

Blizzard Kontrol™ 6 Skywire 6 Fader, 192CH DMX Control + Wireless

وحدة SKU: 123572


• Protocol: USITT DMX-512

• DMX Channels: 192

• Output 3-pin XLR

• LED information display panel

USB Data Format

• USB Specification: 1.0

• Disk Format: FAT16 / FAT32 ONLY

• Maximum Disk Size: 4GB Power

• 9-12 VDC, .3A (From included power supply)

Operating Temperature

• Max. Operating Temp.: 104 degrees F

(40 degrees C) ambient Dimensions

• Length: 10.2 inches (255 mm)

• Width: 5.6 inches (142 mm)

• Height: 2.75 inches (69.5 mm)

• Weight: 3.25 lbs (1.5 kg) Warranty

• 2-year limited warranty

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