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Stiletto™ GLO19 is a powerful beam/wash luminaire that is built to impress with sharp beams and glowing personality! GLO gets her brightness from 19x 15-watt OSRAM™ RGBW LEDs and spunk from a 11-58° zoomable beam angle. Don’t overlook the additional controllable RGB LED array for backlight “GLO” multi-layered dynamic effects that scream “eye-candy!”



Users have multiple DMX control modes at their disposal including full 93-channel mode which gives users access to all of its fantastic features, including smooth dimming, pan, tilt, fine pan/tilt, individual LED RGBW intensity, “GLO” background control, patterns, zoom, plus multiple strobe effects. Structurally unique from its other 5 channel modes, Stiletto™ GLO19 fixtures also offer a 14-channel “Classic Mode”, which is specifically designed to be compatible with other comparable fixtures found on the market today.



• 19*15W OSRAM™ 4-in-1 RGBW LEDs (beam/patterns)

• RGB color mixing Glo™ control (background LED array)

• Independent control of beam and background illumination

• Motorized zoom: 11°-58°

• 4x user selectable dimming curves

• Linear smooth dimming 0-100%

• 1000-2500K CTC (Color Temperature Control)

• 540° pan & 270° tilt (16-bit)

• Internal fan cooling system

• Color macro effects

• USITT DMX-512 (14/17/28/74/85 and 93-channel)

• 3/5-pin XLR input and output

• 5-button menu with LCD display

Blizzard Stiletto™ GLO19 19x 15W 4-in-1 LEDs + Glo Effects

وحدة SKU: 123696

Luminous Intensity

Narrow: 31,311 Lux @2M | 5,058 Lux @ 5M | Wide: 2,148 Lux @ 2M | 363 Lux @ 5M

• Beam Angle: 11°-58° zoomable beam angle

Optical Light source

• LED 19*15W OSRAM™ 4-in-1 RGBW LEDs (patterns) + RGB color mixing secondary background LED array

Control Protocol

• Protocol: USITT DMX-512 • DMX

Channels: 14/17/28/74/85 and 93-Channel

• 3/5-pin XLR Input/Output

• Standalone, Master/Slave

Operating modes

standalone, M/S, sound active, color preset

PowerOperating voltage 100-220VAC, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption 118W, .76A, PF: .99


Width:12.5” x 8” x 14.5” (318.4 x 203.6 x 369.3 mm)


17.5 lbs (8 kg)


2-year limited warranty, does not cover malfunction caused by damage to LEDs

The power connector fitted to the fixture and fixture cord are designed for compatibility with products manufactured by Neutrik AG, Neutrik USA and their related entities, however they are not manufactured by, affiliated with or endorsed by Neutrik AG, Neutrik USA, or any related entity. Neutrik® and powerCON® are registered trademarks of Neutrik AG.

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