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GVM-480LS-B Bi-color video light
The 2018 GVM-480LS photographic video lights have been changed in 4 ways to give your customers a better experience, as shown below:

Variable two-color range from 2300K-6800K, more color temperature choice, bring more help to photography.

The adjustable bracket white diffuser enhances the color of portrait photography and soft light.
With CRI&TLCI 97+, you can restore the true color of your subject and make your images more vivid.

High lumen output:
2300K: 4800 / Lux / 20inch
4500K: 15000 / Lux / 20inch
6800K: 11000 / Lux / 20inch


With an ultra-light and durable metal

construction, you can carry LED-480LS video lights with you wherever you are. The adjustable U-bracket can be illuminated at different angles. To keep the illumination in other areas of the object, it does not reflect the camera lens or causes a flash.



New 480LS change in 2018: new color temperature from 2300K-6800K, new digital display, small size, high brightness, easy to carry.
Dimmable plate: CRI97 + TLCI97 + uniform light distribution, adjustable diffuser, video portrait interview is very helpful.
AC/DC power supply option: AC adapter (supplied) or Sony NP-F550 NP-750 NP-F970 lithium-ion battery (excluding battery)
Metal case and U-frame: The aluminum case is rugged and has excellent heat dissipation. The adjustable U-shaped bracket can be placed on the light stand or on the ground.


Packing List

GVM-480LS-B Bi-color video light kit packing list

1x LED video light
1x Bracket-White Diffuser
1x Four-Way Barndoor
1x Power adapter
1x Power cable
1x LED video light package

Note: single light without light stand.

GVM-480LS-B Bi-color video-2-light kit packing list

2x LED video light
2x Bracket-White Diffuser
2x Four-Way Barndoor
2x Light Stand
2x Power adapter
2x Power cable
1x Carry Bag

GVM-480LS-B Bi-color video 3-light kit packing list

3x LED video light
3x Bracket-White Diffuser
3x Four-Way Barndoor
3x Light Stand
3x Power adapter
3x Power cable
1x Carry Bag



GVM 480LS Bi-Color LED Studio Video Light Panel Kit+Smart WiFi Mobile AppControl

وحدة SKU: GVM-LED-480LS-B1



LED Beads



97 +







Battery Output


Input Voltage


Color Temperature



15000Lux / 20inch

Power Source

Power Adapter or 
    Sony F550 F750 F960 Li-ion battery 
    (Note: The battery is not included)


12.4 * 12.4 * 3.54 inches/ 24.61 * 6.5 *12.85 inches /24.61* 8.86 * 13.19 inches


2.75kg/ 7.7kg/12.25kg

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